On The Historical Axis of Paris



OxyGen is the winning project for the development of La Défense’s Vignes area. OxyGen is a door, a physical and visual input penetrating from the tracks and the banks of Neuilly sur Seine. This bow is a reception for Le Grand Parvis promenade. The slab is mineral, and we propose to finish the walk with a wide and generous flower garden that is connected to new restaurants and is surrounded by many open terraces that are both covered and outdoors. The design of the master plan will play an important role in our project, not only because of the user’s well-being and flow management, but also because it is noticeable from the towers all around. It will be an invitation to visually discover the many places. This “picture” then offers a landscape in constant evolution.
Inspired by the tradition of romantic gardens of the 19th century, we wish to recreate green areas while remaining contemporary. A kind of vegetal Tivoli, with different varieties of bushes and grass, and large vegetated cavities of different sizes invite people to shelter from the sun, rain and wind if the weather requires so.

Additionally, restaurants and open kiosks are entirely prefabricated in workshops to be delivered in kit on site, without any noise or pollution for local residents, office workers and surrounding hotel residents. Kiosks that will be both terraces and strolling areas are dispersed throughout the park. The architectural and landscape design of the project does not dissociate any element of the site. Indeed, ground treatments stretch in kiosks and extend to the park and restaurants for an unfiltered experience on two levels. Thus, La Defense bow is transformed and opens a “camouflage” park with an inhabited bridge opened on the Seine: a new playground for both La Defense and Paris.

  • Type: Equipment, Restaurants, Café, Event spaces, Offices, Co-Working
  • State: Achievement 2018
  • Year: Competition 2016
  • Client: Altarea cogedim – Avec-Invest
  • Area: 1500m²
  • Budget: 5M€
  • Team: Studio Malka Architecture  I  Btp Consultants Ingeneers, CDP